(Project 1) Finding the Right Fit.

Current Goal – Figure out character mock up (rough sketch), as well as species (a class of individuals having some common characteristics or qualities; distinct sort or kind), and specifics (objects held, weapons, etc…).

As well as how they interact amongst one another (what makes them a strong team), and ability (common uses)  .

As you all know we as a class went to somewhere quite new for some inspiration, the library (A place I grew very fond of, my freshman year as a commuter). The inspiration I found was not exactly expected however, helpful none the less. I found a book called “Master of the Ice Scene” by Hendrick Avercamp. A very interesting book, as i flipped through it finding scenes of people ice skating on this big frozen pond of sorts. Every character that he placed in his pieces were so different, so unique, all twisting and turning as if the people in the painting actually were moving.


The figures of the people are what really interested me. I felt as though the artist gave a really natural life like posture to most of the characters throughout his paintings. So as I studied page to page, I made sure to focus on each of the characters posture, and the movements they were making.


Another thing that I was focusing on as I went through these books, was the clothing, and the just the way the artist handled the clothing. The gentle gradation throughout the clothing, as well as the fine cross hatching throughout the piece. I am extremely happy that I actually stumbled upon the book, it has already given me a lot of new ideas. Just about making people have subtle hints of still movement, as well as natural human posture in general.

(my work)

Focusing more on the the concept at the moment as I mentioned earlier…

Purpose / Names
– Bounty hunters (hired gun, Hunters, whatever you want to call them)
– Squad / Team /  – Number, #, 3.812.
– The Exiled.
– The Forgotten.

I will start with the ( leader / commander / captain ) I guess, thats usually how things go.
(I haven’t thought of the name yet, so we will call him Kevin just for shits and giggles)…. Kevin is a mechanic, with extremely strong gun skills as well as strong robotic mechanics skills… So, to keep people of him in weapon fights, he has his trusty robot (Bot 6.6 or something like that) for engaging enemies in hand to hand combat, while he can sit back and easily pick off enemies. This goes a long way when you can control a robots movement’s while fighting (backpack, linked into nervous system or something cool like that).

Scetch book (Man).jpg
(The ( leader / commander / captain ) sketch above)

Next would have to be his robot (Bot 6.6 or something), for obvious reasons. A robot that is controlled by its owner / master through some sort of (backpack, linked into nervous system or something cool like that). He hasn’t figured out how to give the robot its own persona / emotions of sorts, Kevin is still working out the solution, so that he doesn’t need to control the bot at all.

Still working out details with the robot, haven’t decided on much on the robot.

Scetch book  1.jpg
(Robot sketches, as well as some gun specs sketches)

Scanned Image 1.jpg
(Another robot sketch to reference the robot)

Last but not least, the outsider. Not much has been discovered about his story, all we know is that “Kevin” saved his life when the outsiders village was being destroyed. He has followed Kevin around ever since. Only speaking when necessary, we are still yet to find out much about this character. Seeming human enough, however he has never revealed his true identity to Kevin, as he has never removed his hood.

Scetch book  2.jpg
(The outsider’s sketch above)

Let me know what you think would be cool for this set of characters!

and obviously stay tuned for next week.


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