(Project 1) Cont… Detail?

Nice to see that you have all joined in once again for the journey through this menagerie project.

Current Goal: Figuring out details, exact character sketches… ect. ect.

Continuing on what I focused on last week, which had to do with more detail. I think I will just be emphasizing more details on the characters. As well as figuring out rough exact character models to move forward onto, looking at other options.

I will start (yet again) with The Captain.

“I will start with the ( leader / commander / captain ) I guess, thats usually how things go. (I haven’t thought of the name yet, so we will call him Kevin just for shits and giggles)…. Kevin is a mechanic, with extremely strong gun skills as well as strong robotic mechanics skills… So, to keep people of him in weapon fights, he has his trusty robot (Bot 6.6 or something like that) for engaging enemies in hand to hand combat, while he can sit back and easily pick off enemies. This goes a long way when you can control a robots movement’s while fighting (backpack, linked into nervous system or something cool like that).” -Me (last post)

I decided not to change many details on the main character of the group. As I feel his clothing, and appearance fit the group. I think that I might consider adding a hammer of sorts, maybe hanging of his backpack.

I have also considered giving him a vehicle of sorts. Matt (Classmate) mentioned it would be cool if he were to be riding a motor cycle or something of that sorts.

Scetch book (Man).jpg
(The ( leader / commander / captain ) sketch above)

(A quick motor cycle sketch, for a possible vehicle for “The Captain”)

Moving onto Bot 6.6

“Next would have to be his robot (Bot 6.6 or something), for obvious reasons. A robot that is controlled by its owner / master through some sort of (backpack, linked into nervous system or something cool like that). He hasn’t figured out how to give the robot its own persona / emotions of sorts, Kevin is still working out the solution, so that he doesn’t need to control the bot at all.” -Me (last post)

(First sketches of the bot)

(more sketches)

Bot 6.6.jpg
(even more possible sketches)

I think I am going to merge the sketches above into a bot, that fits what I am looking for.

I still haven’t decided on the weapon that he will be handling, I kind of like the lamp post more at the moment. Then possibly giving him the double swords as if he was “legolas” or something.

Moving onto the last character of the group, The Outsider.

“Last but not least, the outsider. Not much has been discovered about his story, all we know is that “Kevin” saved his life when the outsiders village was being destroyed. He has followed Kevin around ever since. Only speaking when necessary, we are still yet to find out much about this character. Seeming human enough, however he has never revealed his true identity to Kevin, as he has never removed his hood.” -Me (Last post)

(The Outsider’s Origional sketch)

The outsider Head's.jpg
(The Outsider’s possible Hood change’s)

(The Outsider’s possible stance/setting)

I liked his overall appearance, when it came to clothing, and kind of mysteriousness about him. The only thing I didn’t like was the hood, as it felt to resemble something too close to that of another artist. So I wanted to stray from the hood like quality beneath the hat, and I want to consider more of a baclava, or a face mask of sorts (even if that ends up being just a cloth of some sort). I want him to have a very abandoned, last of his kind kind of look. As he was found fending of soldiers destroying his village in the mountains. The Captain isn’t really even sure how he found it. As him and Bot 6.6 just stumbled upon a tunnel leading somewhere, and they heard people screaming as the soldiers were killing whoever they had to, to take control of The Outsider’s village.

Sad to say, The Captain was not able to do anything to stop the soldiers from destroying his home. All he could do was ensure, one of their kind had to be kept alive, so a culture would not die.

And thats how The Captain met The Outsider.
(I know, not the best backstory. Deal with it.)

stay tuned for next week…


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