(Project 1) Continued…

Welcome back…

Nice to see that you have all tuned in yet again for the journey through this menagerie project.

Current Goal: exact character sketches, line sketches, pondering color… etc. etc.

The Captain
As I sketched out, “The Captain.” I thought about what characteristics would make him feel more like a mechanic, of sorts. So I decided to add tools of sorts to his kit. (such as… a hammer, wrench, screw driver, idk, tools…)

So in the like sketch I tried to add a few of these things into the first line sketch. (below)
The Captain (pen).jpg
(The Captain’s first comp | line)

Bot 6.6 (The Captain’s Robot)
I knew that I needed to find a good median of making the bot look robot, while still keeping him in the characteristics of the group (especially with The Captain).Bot 6.6 (pen).jpg
(Bot 6.6’s first comp | line)

The common characteristics… (for the group).
Hats (other than the robot)
Color (color palette)
Mask’s? (Plague mask worn by robot? and the outsider?)

The Outsider
Still trying to figure things out with the outsider, as in what kind of clothing he will be wearing, as well as what he will be using as a weapon.

I think I am leaning towards giving him some sort of mask of sorts, as if it were apart of the culture of his village or for whatever reason. He doesn’t want people to see his face…

I did a quick in location thumbnail sketch on illustrator for ‘the Outsider.’ (below) the outsider.jpg
I haven’t gotten to do a pen based character line sketch yet, so I am going to be sure to try to figure out his exact look, and characteristics (So I can get to creating those outlines).

Also considering the mask instead of the hood… something based on a plague mask might be kind of interesting, like in Bot 6.6’s line sketch. The mask’s were produced and made in the Outsider’s village that was destroyed. The mask Bot 6.6 is wearing, and the (cracked?) mask that ‘the Outsider’ has are the last two mask’s of their kind.

I think that he is very dull at the moment, and I would like to kind of spice him up. In a way… I want to give him a interesting weapon that does not fit a normal “weapon” status… such as, a fishing pole, a walking stick (staff), nunchucks, or a chair (Jackie Chan).

(Maybe something like a fishing pole, that the outsider has figured out how to use as a bow as well)…. something weird like that.

Tune in next week… for more progress on this menagerie project.


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