(Project 1) Final Three.

Line up…

I will start with The Captain. An albino human named Kevin. He is a mechanic, with extremely strong gun skills as well as strong robotic mechanics skills… So, to keep people of him in weapon fights, he has his trusty robot (Bot 6.6) for engaging enemies in hand to hand combat, while he can sit back and easily pick off enemies. This goes a long way when you can control a robots movements while fighting (backpack, linked into nervous system or something cool like that).

The outsider 1 (copic) 1.jpg
Next would have to be his robot, Bot 6.6, for obvious reasons. A robot that is controlled by its owner / master through his backpack, that is linked into nervous system. He hasn’t figured out how to give the robot its own persona / emotions of sorts, Kevin is still working out the solution (so that he doesn’t need to control the bot at all).

the-outsider-1-copicLast but not least, The Outsider. Not much has been discovered about his story, all we know is that “Kevin” saved his life when the outsiders village was being destroyed. He has followed Kevin around ever since. Only speaking when necessary, we are still yet to find out much about this character. Seeming human enough (Green skin is interesting), however he has never revealed his true identity to Kevin, as he has never removed his mask and hood.

color-paletteColor Palette:
Copic Markers Numbers
C2 | Cool Gray | No. 2
C8 | Cool Gray | No. 8
C5 | Cool Gray | No. 5
YG67 | Moss
E47 | Dark Brown
White | (paper)


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