(Project 2) New Beginnings… ?

This was a hard project to narrow down to one or two ideas… but here is my favorite concept…

Based on: The Yellow Wallpaper, a 6,000-word short story by the American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, first published in January 1892 in The New England Magazine.

The concept is… that we would build a (10-12ft) by (10-12ft) box room of sorts (Big enough to walk into comfortably). With 4 walls, a roof, and a door. This room would also have a light (Tungsten, LCD, other) of some sort dangling in through the top of the ‘room / box.’ (Possibly having some sort of lamp shade, or chandelier like quality to it)

The exterior of the box would be unfinished wood, however the whole inside of the room would be filled with color and vibrancy. So from the outside, it would seem as though a wood box is just sitting in the middle of a room… with a door on the one side of the box.

Sketches 0133.jpgsketches-0135

Two Concepts on what could be inside…
(idea 1)… The inside of the room would be filled with vibrant colors and painting on the walls throughout the interior of the room. (hand paint the interior)

(idea 2)… hang 3 (canvas, other) paintings on the three walls that do not have doors. (paint canvases for the walls)

Key: The concept of the exhibit would be to invoke a sort of claustrophobia inside an exhibit. Creating this larger sense of emotion on top of the art itself.

I forgot to add a antique lamp / chandelier director… and I hadn’t really considered any kind of sound… (maybe silence will be the sound).

Schedule… Of sorts…
sketches-0135-agendaAlso considered having a (shag carpeted, hardwood, tile, wood, laminate, etc.) finish to the bottom of the box.

Tune in next week to find out what spectacular project we end up doing…




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