(Project 2) A new start…

We have selected our projects and have now selected our groups as well…  Either working on a kung fu movie, or a calendar.

I decided to go with the calendar if you couldn’t tell.

Below, is my job and the team, or crew that I will primarily be working with.

Design Team
Head of Editorial – Mitchell

Illustration/Graphic Designer – John
Illustration/Graphic Designer – Lewis
Stylist/ Designer – Kristen 

Goals:Starting concepts month and major relation; potential concept designs and project themes

Goals for Everyone: What are we going to brand ourselves as? Logo Potential? Name for the project? 

Think about first 4 concepts and try to include some of the following to help the team visualize

For First Four Concepts Post:

·        At least one reference photo for each pitch

·        Consider color palettes

·        Basic composition/example of concept

·        Basic description

As for the logo, we need to almost create a branding guidelines of sorts, to establish our common used typefaces and other structural components.
By establishing this, it will be much easier to lay the rest of the calendar out, once we have already decided on all the details, such as typeface, color palette, etc.

As of know we are just trying to figure out the concept, and what is really going to make this calendar unique.

There is a lot of little technical stuff that needs to be figured out as well…

– Such as the size and layout of the calendar?calendars_sizes

– What majors are going in what months? (Jan-Dec, 2018)
– and why they are relevant to the month that they are in…

(The Majors at CCAD are AdGraph, Animation, Art History, Cinematic Arts, Comics Narrative Practice, Contemporary Crafts, Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography.)

Production questions…
– Shot in a studio? or on location?
– models?
– who fits the concepts that we have for which majors?

Stay tuned next week to find out more…


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