(Creative Habit) Just the Start…

For the next up and coming project, we are to explore an activity or habit for at-least 5-7 times a week, For at-least 30 min – an Hour (1 hr).

The Activity must be repeatable and completable, and we should not be purely using an internet based source. We should be looking else where, in the world away from visual arts in particular. Learning to take inspiration of that around you.

The idea I chose to pursue…
The first idea
 that came to mind, was more following the world of music. Exploring the idea of taking a single song per day. Then through the act of listening, gathering inspiration to create a completely visual piece whether it be a 5″ x 5″ canvas painting, or a digitally rendered illustration for the song or piece.

I started this task by using my first days or sets of 30 – 60 (min) to start creating a possible song list, and how I am going to go about creating quick mock up sketches before going to the canvas to paint. So that I have a bit more of a justified idea rather than just going straight into painting the canvas.

Some possible artists / songs I want to do canvases for…

– Neon Indian, Oddissees, (other possible house music options).
– David Bowie? (a bit retro)
– Bob marley, Biggie?
– New kendrick? (DAMN.)
– The Drums, Beech Fossils, Gorillaz (other indie options)
– New mac demarco.
– etc.

I haven’t fully obtained all the necessary tools to start the task of painting canvases as I only had one, that was left over from past work. So I decided to paint one for this week, and focus on setting up the project for myself down the line by gathering songs, and other possibilities first.

Each song will get about 3-6 thumbnail sketches just so I can get a basic concept for how the canvas is going to be painted, and what is going to be painted.

(the quick thumbnail sketches will look like this of sorts, for the most part)

Unfortunately I have been swamped this week, so I have not gotten around to getting a canvas done yet. Although progress is coming along…

Tune in next week to find out more…



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